ClassGlobe 580: First kit ready !

ClassGlobe 580:  First kit ready !

The first kit for the ClassGlobe 580 is ready. The future owner / builder choose a the mahogany plywood version.


This version needs, in contrary to the occume one, a far lighter glass sheathing, which  saves you lots of weight, cost, labor and time. It’s also very durable (inside boat

The solid wooden frames are also cnc cut which saves a great deal of time.



As you can see the parts are of a first quality pine and the stem, stemcap and stem knee are even made of  solid mahogany for extra strength and durability.


Alongside the cnc cut parts comes a solid timber pack. This includes parts as battens, stringers, keel floor, mast support beams and so on.


These parts are also of a first quality Oregon pine and solid European oak.  Please fill in the contact form when you want to know more about possibilities and prices.





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